Sunny Cove Cigar Stories

by Horst Wolf Jr.

- Don Lopez El Toro
Size - 6 x 52
Wrapper - 5 Year-Aged Nicaraguan Habano
Filler - Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran Mix
Pairing - Mexican Coca-Cola
Smoke duration - 1 hour, 25 minutes
Stored - 2 weeks in my humidor at 67/68rh
Cut - Guillotine
Burn - Fairly sharp, two minor touchs up in final third.
Smoke output - Lots of smoke on draw, normal smoke at rest.
Ash - Firm for the first half, somewhat flakey the second half.

Nice firm canon, no soft spots, feels somewhat lighter in hand than expected.  Nice wrapper with no
prominent veins. Well rolled (I forgot to check the cap!)

Pre-light produced primarily traditional barnyard and a light earthy aroma. Now a dislaimer!
Had you watched me light this cigar, you would think it was the first cigar I ever smoked!
To be fair, I was using a new torch, and the sun was low and in my make a long story
short....I bungled the light somewhat, and torched the wrapper a bit like a freakin noob! So the
initial light up wasn't perfect, and the cigar's burn started off a bit wonky, but self-corrected well
before I was an inch in.

The first third featured some dryish wood notes, with a hint of nuts now and again. Retrohale was
absolutely buttery smooth, with no bite or even the slightest hint of pepper notes. On the mild side of
medium in body and strength.

During the second third, the wood notes sweetened up considerably, and the smoke got thick and
very creamy, coating the palate with a wonderful, lingering creamy/woodsy aftertaste....a long finish.
The nutty flavors are diminishing, and the cigar is getting slightly medium in body/strength.
On heavier draws during this middle section, there are also some sublte spice flavors coming through.

During the final third the cigar picks up even more body and strength, and is now approaching medium-full,
(but still more towards medium). The sweetness in the wood notes has lessened, and changed to more of a toasted
darker woodsy flavor. The creaminess of the smoke has thinned out, and the cigar now presents a more
traditional tobacco finish, with leathery hints now and again.

Overall a very consistent medium bodied cigar with subtle yet interesting changes during the smoke. Flavors were
primarly sweet wood, with nuts early on, and a nice creaminess during the middle portion, and ending with a bit
of strength and heavier tobacco notes. For experienced cigar smokers, this would be a great morning smoke with
some coffee and a newspaper.
For those who prefer mild cigars, or new cigar smokers, this might one one to try after dinner, and pair with a nice
bourbon, or a sherry cask aged dark Scotch.
Very nice cigar, can't wait to smoke another one after its taken a long nap in my humidor.