Sunny Cove Cigar Stories

by Horst Wolf Jr.

- Don Lopez El Gran Robusto
Size - 5.5 x 54
Wrapper - Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
Filler - Nicaraguan Mix
Pairing - Water
Smoke duration - 1 hour, 20 minutes.
Stored - 1 week in my humidor at 67/68rh.
Cut - Guillotine
Burn - Pretty sharp, one touch up in final third.
Smoke output - Tons of smoke on draw, and at rest.
Ash - Somewhat flakey, but holds to an inch easily.

Nice firm canon, no soft spots. Rugged, rich, dark wrapper with no prominent veins. Well rolled, with
tight double cap.

Cigar Start
Pre-light aromas are earthy, rich tobacco, with traditional barnyard aromas......and.....something else
which I can't put my finger on dang it! My daughter said cinnamon.
Her boyfriend (my eventual son-in-law) said licorice.
I can't describe it.....not quite floral......not quite spice.......

After toasting lightly with my torch, the cigar lit easily with a wooden match.

Not much on the first few  puffs, typical tobacco flavors, rather dry finish, with hints of woodiness,
but not cedar. I did a few retrohales early, and was surprised by a pepper blast or two initially,
but that (retrohale pepper) quickly faded.

As I approached one inch in, the cigar began to change.
Pepper blast on retrohale has completely vanished, and the retrohale has a wonderful, rich, smooth, s
weet wood flavor, with rich tobacco undertones. I did some LARGE retrohales, and they were smooth
as butter....lovely.

At about the 1/3 point, the cigar starts to canoe a bit. Normally I would fix it immediately, as I'm somewhat
anal about my burn and ash. But I gave it a few more minutes, and it self-corrected - nice!

Lots of sweet wood flavor with rich tobacco undertones as I approach the 1/2 mark.

At the halfway mark, the cigar has transformed again. The burn rate has slowed down, the smoke is even
richer/thicker, and a new flavor, kind of a sweet oatmeal spice is popping in and out, to compliment the
sweet woody notes.

The cigar remained like that to the nub.

I'm very curious to see how this cigar smokes after 6 months in my humidor.
I'm guessing the spice profile will come out a bit more.
Flavors were predominantly a sweet woodiness, and in the second half, some spice came in......almost reminded
me of the finish of a rich Oatmeal Stout Beer. The finish on the second 1/2 of the cigar was rich and lingering,
and the strength built up during the second half as well.

As noted, the second half seemed to burn slower.
One thing I really like about this cigar, is that its "woody" flavor profile, to me, is NOT cedar........and for me,
that's great. I'm not a big fan of heavy cedar profile cigars.

The Don Lopez flavor profile is unique to me, have not smoked one like it.

Very good cigar. Anxious to see how they are with some real rest.